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Here at Sirius Nova Tibetan Mastiffs we are committed to quality selective breeding with health and temperament as our primary goal, followed immediately by beauty and correct breed type. Every precaution has been taken to attempt to eradicate hip displasia from our breeding lines. Both parents of the puppy have been radiographed for dysplasia and have been undergone health checks by their veterinarian prior to breeding.
Our puppies are raised in the house in a bedroom off the kitchen with plenty of exposure to common household traffic and noises. They are lovingly handled and socialized from birth with an abundance of constant attention.
Once old enough to venture outside they interact with our adult dogs and spend many happy hours playing and exploring our property. Collar and leash training are eventually introduced along with nail trim and grooming tolerance, bite inhibition and prevention of food guarding exercises. Obviously it is up to the owner to continue these early important lessons.

At Sirius Nova Tibetan Mastiffs we support Natural Rearing methods. We believe that poor nutrition and contribute to the overall poor health in dogs. We feed our Tibetan Mastiffs with superpremium dog food Platinum Natural, raw bones and etc.
Should you decide to purchase a puppy from us, detailed information on diet, vaccination and general care will be included in your puppy packet (where is included also bag of food).
Photos of our dog room, hall of fame, puppy playground will follow!

Your puppy will come with

  • There first injections /or according to importing rules of your country/
  • Microchipped, De-wormed, Health check, European Pet Passport
  • FCI registered, you will get FCI pedigree transferable to KC, AKC or any other organization
  • A blanket with the scent of mum to help settle in their new home, collar

Welfare of our dogs is main priority
You are frequently asking us where our tibetan mastiffs live. Well, not in a kennel :) they have their own part of my house, their doggy room with instant clip-clap doors to outdoor run. In the room are different types of bed so each can choose their favourite, but usualy leather sofas are wining.


Baby class at International dog show:
Can you guess which is Sirius Nova puppy? :)




Breeding and showing Tibetan Mastiffs for 20 years.

Vetary has analyzed top Tibetan Mastiff breeders and cross referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. Sirius Nova site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. For context, Vetary awards breeders with best-in-class online buzz, content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward their breed of dogs.

We select our brood bitches and stud dogs very strictly and carefully.  It is not easy to meet our expectations and limits of essential qualities to become brood bitch or stud male at Sirius Nova. Only about half of our imports make it. Remaining ones are loved pets. There are so many qualities we find essential in our breed. Such as health testing - elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, thyroid, heart, annual general health checks, the right temperament belonging to the breed and last but not least our own significant image of how the real majestic Tibetan Mastiff should look like. We focus on big, tall specimens of the breed, with quality coat and so much typical lion mane, very strong bone and impressive strong heads. When you put all this together and blend with our studies of genetics you will get the best giant Sirius Nova Tibetan Mastiff puppy.  



Check our available dogs under section FOR SALE or click on section PLANS, where is info about parents. 


No plans for upcoming year.

For sale

All puppies sold. Available young adults in great quality







  • import from China
  • his father lived on wild plateau
  • giant male puppy- in age of 4 months already 35 kgs!
  • very strong and big bones
  • unbeatable size
  • beautiful patern of coat
  • our cudling teddy bear
  • thyroid test - ok
  • hips and elbows - ok

Ch. Loshu

  • what to say, the photos describe all
  • powerful, heavy, well built, with good bone
  • impressive; of solemn and earnest appearance
  • his first litter was born in 9/2019 in our kennel
  • all puppies around 800 grams /29 oz/!
  • ancestors in all shades of colors, we expect "rainbow litters"
  • actual weight 75 kgs /165 lbs/



- very nice youg male with massive head

- carrying the snow lion gene

- very mellow character, more like a teddy bear



  • the best color ever
  • pure dark red color with cooper shades
  • most preffered color in China, means fortune and happiness
  • big size female with very long hair and strong bones
  • strong sturdy legs and very big size overal


  • blend of the best from Geta & Kim
  • look of the male
  • so well dressed, not just long overcoat, but also maximum of undercoat
  • slowly maturing type, we expect her to be about 120-130 pounds!
  • very successful on shows
  • very kind and playful temperament inherited from both parents


  • panthera wild cat or a real dog?
  • once a lifetime girl
  • very fluffy cuttie bear in full black coat
  • perfect health scores


We are proud to present to you some of the testimonials we have received from our puppy families. They are the proud new owners of our puppies and are happy to share their pictures and their stories, some have kept in touch for years. At this moment this is just a fraction of all the testimonials we have received. We love Video & Picture Testimonials! Please send us a quick video update or a picture from your puppy – You can use your phone! We love to see you and your puppy!


How to book

Some of our puppy buyers are willing to wait a years to get exactly what they want. If you are seriously interested in our well cared puppy and have adequate living conditions for Tibetan Mastiffs, then just go ahead and contact us. You didn´t had to worry. If your requested gender/color wouldn´t be born and you would like to have this exact puppy, then we will send your booking fee fully back. We want our puppy buyers to feel safe and happy with their furry baby. Booking fee: When you feel that you are seriously interested and decided to get puppy from Sirius Nova kennel you send a deposit to our bank account, or Paypal account or via Western Union. When I receive it, I will contact you immediately and ask for your full information /adress, mobile phone, choosen couple, color and gender/. After I will send to you confirmation of deposit and we are in touch. You are updated, when the girl is mated, after ultrasound, of course birth /usualy with video/ and you know in what order you are able to choose. If as a first one for red female from Geta for example or second.

We recomend you to sign up for our Newsletter. We wanted to keep you in the know! We are announcing important news there but also a new available puppies. First to choose will be our paid waiting new owners. But our subscribers - you - are the exclusively second to be notified about them! And have a great chance to reserve! Check our subscribing link now. Right now it's the yellow ring on the left side of the page. 


We ship worldwide:
Our puppies already lives in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, France, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Mauritius, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and many more I didn't mention.

Without bookinge fee: Of course you can be still interested, but you would´nt send booking fee. But then you had to check regulary my website if and which puppy is available and contact me again. I got like from three to eight emails, whatsapp messages and call everyday so I am not able to write to everybody back when the puppies are born and etc. That's the reason I choose to sort out with whom I spend time changing all that info. All our puppies has FCI export pedigree. In case of interest don´t hasitate to contact us. All your questions will be replied We ship worldwide: Our puppies already lives in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Mauritius, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and many more I didn't mention.

After many questions I decide to make a video for you, there are answers for example for:
- where are my dogs from
- where they live
- how it works to import Sirius Nova puppy


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