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Major the King

Major - the King
We are back from our traveling and have updated photo of our last two puppies.
Last ones. But look at that quality 
This fully black boy has finished his Puppy citizen training, basic show training, is house trained and ready to be your star 
Please PM us for details


Black boy available

Black boy Major is for sale!

Carbon black boy 
Will be like his mother
But mane from his father Kim



Giant boy for sale

Fluffy boy Mufasa is for sale! 

Heavy monastery type
Type of head to die for
Luxurious male



Malikia FOR SALE

???? Once upon a time, in a land of enchantment, a majestic creature named MALIKIA emerged from the mystical Tibetan plateau! ????????
???? Behold, fair ladies and noble gentlemen! The regal Malika, a true princess of the canine realm, seeks her forever kingdom to rule with love and grace! ????
???? A fairytale castle is not complete without a loyal companion, and Malikia yearns to be by your side, sharing adventures and writing tales of endless joy together! ????
???? Are you ready to be the hero of this tale? Adopt Malika and create a fairytale ending filled with love, cuddles, and everlasting happiness! ????
???? Don't miss your chance to live happily-ever-after with Malika! Write your own magical chapter by adopting her today! ????
Just PM for great offer. And don't miss out

Tibetan mastiff puppy female

The Magnificent Male Tibetan Mastiff

Presenting Myles - The Magnificent Male Tibetan Mastiff! 
Searching for an awe-inspiring companion to enrich your life? Look no further than Myles, an extraordinary carbon black puppy Tibetan Mastiff puppy who exudes strength and charisma!
Myles is a remarkable male puppy, showcasing a robust physique, a stunning coat, and a dignified presence. Together with his rare full black color he looks more like an panther than the dog. With his remarkable qualities and innate intelligence, he epitomizes the true essence of the Tibetan Mastiff breed.
 This is your chance to welcome Myles into your home with an incredible 50% discount! Don't miss out on this extraordinary offer!
 Embrace the warmth, love, and boundless happiness that Myles, the Tibetan Mastiff, will bring into your life for years to come.
Act quickly, as this incredible 50% discount won't last forever! Contact us now to arrange a visit and secure Myles as your cherished family member.
We are ready for your questions.


Cute Magenta

Cute doll girl Magenta
Love to present herself


Maira available Tibetan mastiff puppy


Lola - new photo

- what incredible snow lion she is!
- Available for you

Tibetan mastiff puppy Lola


Huge Silver Boy

This huge & fluffy silver boy Kobe is for sale! 
He can be yours! 


Snow lion Lola

- one in a milion puppy! 
- dont miss your chance to own this rare puppy
- show/breeding top quality

Lionheart can be yours

- after cancelled reservation this pure lion girl is available again
- she wouldn't stay long, contact us

New photos of blue girls

- puppies from Skynet x Loshu litter are sold so quickly
- luckily we have still two super quality female puppies AVAILABLE
- don't miss your chance

Greetings from Loki

The huge & fluffy Loki sent greetings!


Panthera - our new wild cat

- meet our georgeous fully black giant girl
- she just became mother to Kims litter

Blue boys for sale

- we have two extraordinary boys available
- in blue and also silver color


Nadia is for sale

Our red young princess Nadia is for sale now!
Don`t miss the chance! 


 Can't be more proud of our babies

 Can't be more proud of our babies
All these puppies out of Quintessa and Spock has been chosen by their owners many weeks ago. Today we made their new photos before they will fly 
But  NOW it's the right time to find your puppy like this ones from our younger litters. Just PM  us for avail@bilty.
We have blue, silver, red and snow lions!



 Danger of seeing such a one?
 Only that he  is too cute to handle 
Thanks dear Cliff for sharing your Sirius Nova treasure 


Big blue girl Koko for sale

- Once a lifetime chance
- We offer the biggest girl for sale


Eiwa found a new home

 Eiwa will be flying to her older brother Daredevil

Sultan booked!

Our fluffy prince Sultan has been booked by Holly!


Sultan after cut

Sultan has a new photo after cut. 
Sultan is direct import from China and will be sold for small price as a pet.


They are here!

They are here!
Silver and blue miracles out of Skynet and Loshu 
Not sure about boys yet but for a girls in such a lovely color you can inbox me, there might be some for you!


Don't miss anything

Within a couple of hours after announcement via our newsletter.
"Sign there on our websites so you don't miss anything"

All puppiesfrom our first litter are chosen by their new owners.
Super silver girl Journey will join another two older Sirius Nova's puppies.
Thank you for your interest! Another litter is on the way so PM me in case of interest


First babies are here!

First babies are here! Girls are with yellow + pink ribbon.
Boys are with green and blue collar
 For silver girl and red boy you can write us!


Puppies in progress

Couple weeks to go but Quintessa already prefer calm and cozy places.
Puppies in progress


Winner Eiwa

 Autumn show for puppy young female Eiwa out of Quintessa x Spock.
 She won the first place!
Thank for handling Pavla 


Giant puppy girl

Tibetan mastiff, giant puppy girl.
Somebody is cheeky and don't want to go back to run.


Fall is back!

Fall colors fits them best
Appa from litter Alexa x Kim is sending greetings.
We will repeat this combo in winter.


Puppy love!

Tibetan mastiff puppy.
What a lovely spend Indian summer day with Sirius Nova babies.