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First show

First show!
Experience today for our little lady Fendi


New photo of available Ibra

What a happy puppy :) This top show quality female Ibra can be yours.
Feel free to contact us! 


These fluffy puppies are looking for a home

Meet these huge and fluffy cuties which are looking for a new home. Maybe yours!
Feel free to contact us!


Huge, fluffy & for sale!

Meet Ibra, the huge and fluffy girl FOR SALE.
Contact us for more information. Hurry up!


Testimonial from Lorrie


Huge red female for small price

Incredibly beautifully growing female for sale.
Deep red color, big size and huge coat.
Will be sold for very friendly price 

New photo of giant Hector

We have a new photo of available giant Hector. He can be yours!


Great price on pet female Carmen

Georgeous healthy female Carmen. Will be sold as a pet for low price


Just perfect puppy Endor

He is pawsome! And AVAILABLE

We have available red boys

We have show star quality huge males available! Please check in section puppies for sale our boys
This one is Cartier, other will follow also in news


Huge, but cute Hector

Giant black and tan boy
Amber x Kim litter
Georgeous type of head


On the way to a new home

Thank you for your interest!
These unique puppies are booked!
Gaia and Excalibur have new homes and their owners can't wait to cuddle them!


Silver Excalibeuur

Meet Excalibur, the huge puppy with rare silver color!
Once a lifetime male
Quintessa x Thanos litter


Wanna see how happiness look?

We welcomed new puppies from Kim & Amber to the world - litter H. Take a look at the photos of these furry beauties and if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.
Do you know what an attack full of love looks like? Watch the video below! :)





Snow flake Faith

Alexa x Spock litter
georgeous silver female
show quality

Are you interested in she?
Contact us!


Endor the huge prince

Meet the huge prince Endor from Quintessa x Thanos litter
Huge red male!

He looking for sweet home.


Iris is looking for a home

Female as luxurious pet
Direct import from China
Will be sold as a pet, perfect price


Meet Leonidas

Meet Leonidas!
One year old boy greets you from New Jersey. 
What a perfect copy of his father.


We have a beautiful collar

We are so excited!
Each of our puppies will go into the world in style.
We have a beautiful
collar/leash set matching the color of our puppies collars. Each puppy gets its own set on the way to a new owner.


The good nap

Good nap first before we discover the world !


First snow lions in Europe are born

You are the first one in the world to know what miracle happens in Sirius Nova. 
Two weeks ago our dreams, long plans and also fortune has come together. 
In past years we tried hard to get the best snow lion female to Sirius Nova. For some time it was impossible, our early imports didnt pass our strict health tests or exterier or the temperament.

Queen Waransa

King Vadim

Wow, that was quick!

Wow, that was quick! In less than a day, three of our puppies above were booked.
We are thrilled that you love our babies. Thank you so much for your interest and messages guys! 
Do you have a favorite? Clock is ticking.


One year old female Calla

This is what the Sun would look like if it were an animal.
We are proudly presenting (thanks dear owner Tamara!) one year old female Calla (Sansa x Loshu). 


Meet Major

Meet Major, one of our kings, in his majestic winter coat
He is 3 years old now, living in the UK with his owner Cara


Bunch of available lion puppies

Our lovely babies out of litter D - Leeza x Momo are six weeks today! To celebrate that special moment, they got vaccination, chip and general detailed health check.
 All went through with flying colors and we can offer you our 4 AVAILABLE males. 
They are super fluffy, socialized and just joy to have around. If you wanna know that feeling, just hit us with email for availability and pricing.


Newborn puppies

Let me introduce you our litter F !
50 shades of best grey 
And also some shade of red.

Parents are Alexa and Spock


Tibetan Mastiffs enjoy the snow

Guess who enjoys the snow? ?? Regardless of age, our king Barsoom (10) and his younger buddy love it every year. ????


Darjeeling has her forever home

Ladyyyy in reeeed is booked to Darren. Our red collar girl out of litter D (Leeza x Momo) called Darjeeling has her forever home.
Other puppies we will post soon. But if are interested in one, just PM 


Next pack of love from Sirius Nova

Another great news from Sirius Nova family. Our fluffy female Alexa is close to deliver her pack of love. First and only one chance of this breeding season to get puppies from our blue long haired gentleman Spock. We expect red and silver puppies. You can book right now.




Puppies from Sirius Nova

3 huge red boys out of Thanos & Quintessa litter ready to book. Don't miss the chance to get puppy from this amazing parents.